Reviews Sunset inn
תיירים מרוסיה אוהבים את סאנסט אין

Reviews Sunset inn

Clean boutique hotel in the center of Eilat. Good value for money and the most pleasant staff in Eilat!
Just super! Price! Sunset Hotel is a family run hotel and is very clean. Eugene at the reception desk is very positive and helps, in any problem. The room has a very cozy kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator. For those who want to sleep in the city center is not necessarily in the tourist promenade, this is the best and most decent hotel! 1 minute walk from the central bus station. 10 minutes walk from the sea.

Just Sunset Inn
· I liked the structure of the hotel, the bedding is really new and clean, the owner is very sociable and pleasant

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality in Eilat!

It was a very nice, pleasant place, ten minutes walk from the seafront
· Relatively clean and quiet, there is a rack for drying clothes, a beautiful entrance to the garden, for the first time we saw a hotel with such an atmosphere.

Thank you very much and we will definitely return to you!

The price of a hotel in Eilat out of competition!
· Good and attentive staff, they immediately respond to every request, in a small and intimate place, we love places to relax outdoors with a free coffee corner and cookies!

Thank you so much, definitely worth returning again and, of course, the price!

Surprise in Eilat!
· In Sunset, a clean, neat place, I was pleasantly surprised!

The most interesting motel that I met in Eilat
We didn’t have breakfast there, but when we saw that we came with cereal in a bag, they immediately offered teaspoons and plates. We really thought that we would spend the night and continue to the big hotel. In the morning we canceled it and stayed for 3 more nights. The kids fell in love with Sunny (Poodle Owners) and are waiting for the next holiday in Eilat!

Thanks to Sunset!

Cheap and quality solution for overnight stays in Eilat for any purpose.
· Excellent price, 50 meters from a 24/7 supermarket. Near the hotel there is parking. Quiet location, room for dry clothes and nice staff. Very good poodle.

There are also parrots that make chick tweets to the whole hotel in the morning 🙂

Thank you for your hospitality!

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