International bird park of Eilat
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International bird park of Eilat

The park is located on industrial waste (in the past) and is one of the most unique and important bird sites in the State of Israel.

During the autumn migration, Eilat and the Arava are the last fueling point, before continuing south, on the most difficult journey – crossing the Sahara Desert.

During the migration season between 400 million and 1.2 billion birds pass through the desert skies of Israel.

The birds face a wide range of dangers along the wonderful journey they are in. Migratory birds, as well as local species are affected by changes and destruction caused to the natural environment of Eilat and Arava.

The city of Eilat, established in 1948 at the northwestern tip of the Gulf of Eilat, was built on a huge salt egg. Dead Sea Eilat is a unique ecosystem and natural wonder. In the 1960s only a few hundred people lived in Eilat. Today, there are 80,000. A thousand people, Eilat is a thriving tourist center with about 15,000 hotel rooms, shopping malls, commercial and industrial areas, tourist services, a huge promenade and sports fields.
The park is open daily and guided tours can be booked in the park.

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How to get? Birding Park Access: From the Arava road (Route 90, between the 14-15 km mark) turn east to the Arava border crossing (Route 109), turn right (south) according to the signs and drive about half a kilometer to the entrance to the park.

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